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The Story Of The Wilmington 10

Dear friends,

First, thank you, Wayne, for letting us know that Jay Stroud is locked up again. I am outraged that the NC State Bar allowed him to practice again after his newsworthy psychotic break a few years ago, but not too surprised. In his prime, Stroud was a master of the rotten-old-boy courthouse network, and I'm sure he still had a few favors to call in.

I almost feel that I know Stroud from my research on the Ten. I would call him a low-down bigoted hate-filled scum-sucking weasel, but that would be unfair to weasels. It is very clear from the record that he lied repeatedly, suborned perjury, bribed, manipulated, made unsavory deals, took advantage of a mentally handicapped young man, and faked his very convenient last-minute illness just in case he still didn't have the fabricated case against you all completely sewn up. I wonder how many other innocent men he sent to prison over the course of his career.

I pity the mentally ill, but it is hard to pity Stroud. Apparently he has always been cruel and abusive to his own family. I do pity his family, and I am angry on behalf of his victims. I hope Stroud will spend the rest of his miserable life behind bars.

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