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Greetings from North Carolina Author/Motivational Speaker Cheryl Brown-Avery

Hello beautiful friends,

Peace and blessings in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ name. I'm so honored to join your website. My sister, Angela Elizabeth Brown invited me to join. So happy to meet all of you. As I stated in my synopsis, I'm North Carolina Author/Motivational Speaker traveling in the name of our Lord to schools across the United States hoping to instill hope into our youth and bring them a powerful message of staying in school, staying away from drugs, gangs, etc. I use my books as educational tools to teach today's youth about the early years of our nation when my sisters and I used to work in cucumber/tobacco fields on our grandparent's farm during the early 1960s on our summer vacations from school. My grandparents owned the "White Family Farm" here in rural North Carolina where my sisters and I would spend our summer vacations. We learned to work for things we wanted in life. We learned how to churn butter, bake homemade biscuits on an old woodheater, which is something our youth today have clue about or probably couldn't do. God has blessed me to see 51 wonderful years on God's earth and I plan to continue working in His name to help our youth, our Senior Citizens and anyone I can through my lectures. You can check me out online, Amazon, Barnes & Noble or just Google my full name. Thanks for allowing me to join and I look forward to hearing from you. God bless all of you. Cheryl Brown-Avery

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Comment by Wayne Moore on November 25, 2010 at 2:26am
Thanks for your post Cheryl,. It is the kind of post that I had in mind when I began this site in January. One of my goals
is to provide a compelling challenge to our young people to understand where they came from. It is only then that they can truly appreciate they challenges that await them. God Bless You, Wayne

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