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Dear friends,

It's with great pleasure and excitement to announce my new series of children's books.  These books are written in a ten part series beginning with "Annie the Mule goes to the US Olympics," available now online at .  God has blessed my life and I'm so thankful to him for making my dreams of Annie the Mule come to life.

Upcoming books, Annie the Mule goes to Washington, DC; Annie the Mule goes to Hollywood, and many more.  For those who haven't read my previous books Summers to Remember or Where It All Began, Annie the Mule was my grandparent's farm mule who chased me every summer on their farm.  Annie was smart and fast. My friends and family have asked me for years to create Annie the Mule children's book series.  Now, it has come true. I hope all of you get a chance to check out Annie the Mule.

Thanks for being great friends,


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