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The Story Of The Wilmington 10

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Top Halloween Costume Concepts For 2010

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From Niggers to Niggas

From niggers to nigga…


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W10 prosecutor Jay Stroud jailed

Dear friends,

First, thank you, Wayne, for letting us know that Jay Stroud is locked up again. I am outraged that the NC State Bar allowed him to practice again after his newsworthy psychotic break a few years ago, but not too surprised. In his prime, Stroud was a master of the rotten-old-boy courthouse network, and I'm sure he still had a few favors to call in.

I almost feel that I know Stroud from my research on the Ten. I would call him a low-down bigoted hate-filled… Continue

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Greetings friends

Dear friends,

It's with great pleasure and excitement to announce my new series of children's books.  These books are written in a ten part series beginning with "Annie the Mule goes to the US Olympics," available now online at .  God has blessed my life and I'm so thankful to him for making my dreams of Annie the Mule come to life.

Upcoming books, Annie the Mule goes to Washington, DC; Annie the Mule goes to Hollywood, and many…


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Greetings from North Carolina Author/Motivational Speaker Cheryl Brown-Avery

Hello beautiful friends,

Peace and blessings in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ name. I'm so honored to join your website. My sister, Angela Elizabeth Brown invited me to join. So happy to meet all of you. As I stated in my synopsis, I'm North Carolina Author/Motivational Speaker traveling in the name of our Lord to schools across the United States hoping to instill hope into our youth and bring them a powerful message of staying in school, staying away from drugs, gangs, etc. I use…


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The Tragedy Of The Wilmington 10 Case

As I sat at atop a huge rock at Fort Fisher N.C. one sunny day, overlooking the vast Atlantic Ocean, I began to reflect on what the journey across the Atlantic must have been for our ancestors. It could not have been easy. The roaring sound of the waves as they pounded the shore, gave due and timely notice of the destructive forces that would most certainly confront any vessel on the high seas. So it is only in the deepest recesses of my mind that I can began perceive the true essence of our… Continue

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40th anniversary of the Wilmington Ten Incident of February 1971

We are coming up on the 40th anniversary of the Wilmington Ten Incident of February 1971. I am making plans to commemorate this historic event. Are there any warriors who would like to
help us? The Wilmington Ten are heroes who were not afraid to fight against the insane doctrine
of white supremacy and the power-to-be. Are you with us? E-mail me and help us honor them!

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The Sherrod Matter

Friends, I may not have anything to say that hasn't been said already, but I'm furious about the treatment of Ms. Sherrod. I'm furious at the right-wing media who manipulated her NAACP speech so that it appeared to say the opposite of what Ms. Sherrod really said, and furious that the Obama administration fell for that Faux News crap. I'm currently reading a history of SNCC, and am outraged that more people who should have known better didn't immediately recognize the name Sherrod and realize… Continue

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Ann Shepard

I have had several inquires in the last few days via email as to the whereabouts of Ann Sheppard. I have been trying to locate Ann for about ten years, or about the time I started writing my book. The last heard she was living in Durham N.C.
I would give anything to know what has happened to Ann. I spoke with Ben Chavis just yesterday. He has'nt heard anything either. Any help i can get in locating her is welcome.
Thanks so much
Wayne Moore

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Education and The School System




> The understanding of culture through the language we use to express

> ourselves came up, and the power of knowledge, the misconception that Ivy

> League schools have the “best” education. The truth of white frat boys and

> the unknown fact of Williston high school being the one of the top 5 High

> School is the Nation.




> What is going on now with bussing… Continue

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Great site, Wayne.

I look forward to the book that will be based on this incident. Based on your research and efforts to date, I know that the book will achieve a wide readership. That I have some small role in that helping you bring this story the attention it deserves pleases me.

Added by Faith Childs on January 24, 2010 at 11:38pm — No Comments

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