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The Story Of The Wilmington 10


Wilmington Ten Foundation For Social Justice

Chairperson: Wayne Moore, Secretary: (open) Treasurer: Stephanie Moore

Executive Director: Karen Clay Beatty

Board of Directors: Wayne Moore, Dr. Benjamin Chavis, Jr., Karen Clay Beatty, Stephanie Moore, Alfonso Jenkins, Mary Gibbs Mitchell, Wanda Coston


The Wilmington Ten Foundation is a 501c3 organization.

We accept tax deductible donations..

Make Donations Payable To:

The Wilmington Ten Foundation For Social Justice, Inc.

P.O. Box 12570

                                                                 Wilmington N.C. 28405

Mission Statement:

The foundation supports human rights, self worth, democracy, and freedom. The primary mission is founded on the belief in the dignity of all people, and intends to provide a vehicle for development of programs and cultural experiences that empower those in need of social justice.

The story of the Wilmington 10 has been a tragedy for many of those convicted that October day in 1971. It forever changed the lives of many of us and totally destroyed the lives of some.

We feel that it is necessary to establish a foundation that has a primary goal to provide a vehicle for education, rehabilitation, and training, and to aid in the healing of wounds inflicted during the many battles against injustice.

It is for this reason, that we have brought together an academic and community group to form the Wilmington 10 Foundation for Social Justice, Inc. We trust that the entire Wilmington community will understand the compelling need for this foundation, and will contribute to our mission.


Wayne Moore


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