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The Story Of The Wilmington 10

Thanks Millissa Harris-Perry for calling on Gov. Perdue to pardon the Wilmington Ten

Dear Millissa Harris-Perry Thanks for the wonderful segment you did this morning calling on Gov. Perdue to grant pardon of innocence to the Wilmington Ten. This blatant miscarriage of justice disrupted our lives in ways which are unimaginable. I wish I could say that the cruelty that the state of N.C. allowed to be perpetrated on a group of mostly high school students is unprecedented. It is not. ...Certainly I need not list for you the many instances in which the justice system has betrayed the hopes and dreams of young black men. My deepest desire is that these kinds of injustices continue to be exposed, so that what happened to the Wilmington Ten won't continue to destroy the lives of young black men. A pardon of innocence can't give me my life back. It can however serve as a constant reminder that "justice crushed to earth will rise again!!!" God Bless, Wayne Moore

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