Triumphant Warriors

The Story Of The Wilmington 10

Brother Wayne


Greetings from South Africa, the cradle of human kind.


I have just finished reading Triumphant Warrior and I would like to commend you for exposing the ugliness of humanity that we sometimes tend to forget. I was filled with rage as I read every page but was also filled with admiration for the courage that you and your nine fellow warriors exemplify.


The lowest point for me was in the epilogue when Gwen passed away. I cried. I feel so protective of you that I felt your loss was my loss. But soon my spirits were lifted by how you were given a second chance in life in the form of a successful career and beautiful children who have become upright citizens.


I am passing my book to a close friend and my message to him is that every black person like us who was once oppressed and is now free must read this book just to be soberly reminded of the sacrifices our forebears had to go through in order for us to gain our freedom.


Thank you for the memoir. I have already told my wife and two sons (11 and 15) to read your book (see the family on the attached picture). We would be most honoured to be counted among your friends.


Take care.


Emmanuel Tlou


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