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     First of all I would like to welcome the 154 warriors who joined TRIUMPHANT WARRIORS this week. Secondly I would  like to inform all members that my memoir is now being shopped around to publishers.  Finally I would like to thank all of you for making TRIUMPHANT WARRIORS one of the most popular social justice websites around.

Yours In The Struggle For Justice And Peace, Wayne Moore (Member of the Wilmington 10)

Triumphant Warrior:

Memoir of a Soul Survivor of the Wilmington Ten

By Wayne Moore

Triumphant Warrior will continue, through my perspective and experiences, to unfold the largely untold, and often grossly under told, story of how a small group of young African-American men and one white woman became world-famous political prisoners in this country. At the same time, I am committed to providing a deeply rich and sensitive rendering of the inside story of the Wilmington Ten while holding up this landmark case for insights into the nature of the stubborn strains of intolerance in our culture as well as America’s continual of criminalization of young black Americans. These challenges of race and equality are just as much with us today as they were in the 1970s when the members of the Wilmington Ten were wrongly convicted and imprisoned.

           The larger point is that Triumphant Warrior will not be simply a history book. Upcoming chapters will describe the emotional toll my arrest, trial and conviction took on me and my close-knit family and co-defendants. The Wilmington Ten was a case that began as a group of students thrust into a hostile school integration battle. But when we complained, a Southern racist system punished and prosecuted us on false charges and unjustly locked us away in an American gulag.


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