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Dedication to My Mother Booker T. Washington once said that “The highest test of the civilization of any race is its willingness to extend a helping hand to the less fortunate. A race like any individual, lifts itself up by lifting others up.” My mother fully embraced that ideal. So it is, that I was not surprised, when as she made her final transition, she was honored by people from all walks of life, every race, creed and color. The same New Hanover County Sheriffs Department who had in the spring of 1972, arrested her son, were now there guarding her body as she lay in state, and then provided a motorcycle escort during her funeral procession. You see, Sheriff Sid Causey  had become  one of  my mothers dear friends and allies. Mayor Bill Saffo came to honor and celebrate her life, along with former Mayor Harper Peterson and District Attorney Ben David. Thomas Wright came  in from the N.C. House of Representatives to report on how she had impacted his life. Recalling, that her untiring zeal and commitment manifested even during her illness,   Wright said “during this heavy battle, she was constantly informing and advising me on issues or concerns, that she felt should be of importance to the communities prosperity, and needs of all types, whether educational or health related would be addressed.”

My codefendant and nationally known political and social activist, Ben Chavis said of my mother, “We were all imprisoned, but the fire of  Mrs.Moores spirit helped  keep our... our faith in God strong. I will always remember the night the Wilmington Journal was dynamited; I was sitting at Mrs. Moores’ kitchen table. After hearing and feeling the loud blast, without hesitation we rushed to the scene of the blast. Mr. Tom Jervay, Sr. was standing in front of the blasted building, and Mrs. Moore said “We are not going to let them scare us. Bombing our community’s newspaper will not silence us.” That was my mother, like Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth, like Rosa Parks and Coretta Scott King.  Dolores F. Moore will always be remembered as one of those brave and courageous African American Women, who made a difference in the world around them, who “refused to remain silent in the face of injustice.” This book is my attempt to honor her legacy. She said in a documentary on the Wilmington 10. “Wayne would never speak up about what was happening to him.“I had no choice but to step forward.” Mother you left Wilmington and the world better than you found it. When I was lost you helped me find my way back home. When I was weak you lifted me up, when the jaws of injustice and persecution swallowed me up,  you boldly and courageously freed me.  Just like you taught me,  I will never forget to hold my head high, to be bold in the face of injustice, to love even my enemies, and that it is always better to give than to receive. Your shoes I cannot fill,  but I promise that I’ll walk courageously in your footsteps. 

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In all of my 62 years here on earth have I ever felt the power of LOVE so strong as my mother pleaded to us all that knew her or came in contact with her how to LOVE one another.LOVE is what JESUS taught and how to overcome every problem with LOVE.Now we all have seen what LOVE has done and is still doing which was taught to us by Katie Foy McGuire and passed on to Dolores Foy Moore. I had never met anyone like my mother or sister that would give their last just to see someone else happy. For a long time I did not understand until one day I needed a place to live and my sister invited me to stay with her,NO she demanded I stay with her and her six children. In Dolores F. Moore's house you might find anyone staying there, family or not family, it never made a different.The food was always enough for everyone no matter who stopped by it was like she was a Jesus with two fish and a loaf of bread she knew how to do it one way or another she would always say, the LORD will make a way and HE always did. In Dolores home you felt at home because everyone shared what ever there was to be shared.You had to go over and help the neighbors who needed help without questions if you didn't want get to kicked out.Very few times have I ever said NO to Dolores F. Moore because of what,or who, or why, you just could not say NO.I'm not saying that Katie Foy McGuire and her daughter Dolores Foy Moore were the best because they are my mother and sister, but because it is TRUE ask almost anybody.BE TRUE TO GOD
May GOD Bless YOU Wayne your uncle Sam(Hot Wire) McGuire
I'm sure that my reply to this discussion is going to be bias, so I ask your forgiveness. You see my MOM was all that and more. If you are afforded the time check out 60 minutes special report on the Wilmington Ten. [archives] You will have the opportunity of hearing the insights of a true woman of distinction. You will discover a wealth that cannot be explained in a woman of meager means .This is one of many quotes from my mother during this particular interveiw[I had to make a decision,either quit smoking or feed my children, I quit smoking] This is the woman that I will always remember, a woman of integrity in the mist of adversity. Willing to go the distance,a lover of humankind and a faithfull servant to social change. So even though she was my biological MOM, i'll leave you with this. If you would just take the time to ask the community you will find that she was the communities MOM as well. And that's all I got to say about that!!!!!!!!!!!

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